Friday, May 11, 2012

From Kenya With Love - The Final Letter (#26)

It's sad, but this is the final letter I have to share with you from Judith. I'm sure when Judith wrote this letter, she only thought that myself and my husband would read its message. Instead, hundreds of people have heard the words of this letter and have likely inspired people to sponsor their own child. I read this letter in almost every presentation I give and when you read it yourself, you will understand why.

I feel so blessed to have been part of Judith's story and to have her be part of mine.

Dear Mrs. Jill Foley,

Receive precious greetings from me in Jesus name. I'm sorry and very sad when writing this letter to you because it's my last letter. In fact, I never imagined that our communication will come to an end. But if I look back into my life I'm very much impressed and comforted of what good you have done in me. Your help has shown light in my life. I'm educated. (emphasis mine) I have also done a tailoring course and qualified. I never knew in my life I would have such kind of education compared to my family's poor standard of living. Actually because of your love we're now living in a good shelter too. I completed my course and now I'm no longer in school. I feel I should start a business but finance is a problem to my plan. I hope you will pray for me. Jill Foley, though we shall no more communicate I will never forget you. (Nor will I forget you, sweet Judith.) I will keep on remembering you in my prayers because what you have done in my life is great. I and our family are fine. Even my small baby Priscilla is fine too. They have all greeted you and they thanked you very much. Everyone in my family says the house in which they live reminds them of your love for them. May the Lord Jesus give you prolonged life. May you live to be remembered. 

From your loving child, Judith Wanga Maube

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