Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

this is a repost from last year.....

Hopefully most of our sponsored children are living with their mothers. Let’s take a break from our scheduled weekly prayer topics and pray specifically for the mothers of our sponsored children today and this week.

Pray for their health

Pray for their safety

Pray for their self-esteem

Pray for their salvation

Pray for perseverance

Pray that they would trust in God

Pray for their marriages

….the list goes on and on.

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment….if a complete stranger chose to sponsor your child ~ to help financially, to build a relationship through letters, to pray for your child and your family ~ wouldn’t you be grateful?

These mothers are undoubtedly grateful for YOU. Next time you write to your sponsored child, send a special greeting to the child’s mother.

I had the honor and privilege of meeting three wonderful mothers in Peru.
jill's 241   Diana (mother of Jazmin)

jill's 240Emerita (mother of David, LDP student)

jill's 013Elisa (mother of Emanuel)
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