Friday, April 27, 2012

From Kenya With Love - Letter #24

This letter you are about to read is most definitely the most surprising letter I have ever received in 18 years of sponsorship. As you read below you will quickly understand why. I can only imagine what this young lady went through concerning this whole situation. 

Dear Mrs. Jill,
Receive warm greetings from your beloved sponsored child Judith. I hope you are doing fine in the loving mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus.
I was very much thankful for the Christmas gift you send to me last year December 1999. From the gift I bought a big and nice blanket which keeps me warm during the night. The little balance that remained I bought food for the family to enjoy together during Christmas day. I again thank you for other gifts which you always send to me, may of the gift have uplifted the standard of living of our home.
This is millenium 2000 which the mighty God enabled me to reach and see. He's so wonderful many people talked ill of the century but I thank God for what he's doing to me and you. People said the world will end, but God's love is eternal. After welcoming the new millenium 2000, I gave birth to a very jolly and nice baby girls called Pricilla Kuya. It was a surprise to me, family members and Compassion staff. Because they did not know I was pregnant. They have been asking me a lot of questions how I got the pregnancy. I am sorry for you to hear that I have a baby which I gave birth and I know you will ask me a question why I did not inform you earlier that I was expecting. I did know know about the pregnancy until I gave birth because God had a purpose to hide the problem. Maybe it could have caused me to be departed. The good Christmas gift of a blanket I do share it with my baby. 
I kindly ask you to continue with our relationship. Let not the baby separate us because it is a gift from God. The father of the baby is not at home. He ran away when he heard I had given birth. He's still young who cannot take care of me and the baby. So I am staying at home with my parents. 
I did my 3rd grade in tailoring. I am still waiting for the results. I would like to continue with grade two after the baby is big. And all that will happen if you will continue to sponsor me.
I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Yours, Judith Wanga

I remember having so many questions after receiving this letter. I wanted to know how this could happen to my sweet girl - what were the details she was leaving out. What wasn't she telling me? I didn't ask any of these questions because it really didn't matter. I can tell from her letter that she was scared to tell me - would I disapprove and cancel my sponsorship?

After this letter I realized I was no longer supporting a child - I was supporting a young mother and her child. My very first Child Survival sponsorship - long before CSP existed!

I only have two more letters to share with you. Judith's sponsorship did come to an end, but not because of this situation. Rather it was because she was 18 and had completed the program. 

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