Compassion International is an evangelical, Christian child development ministry that exists to release children from poverty in Jesus name. With programs now in 26 countries, Compassion works through the local church to equip children for the future by providing for their spiritual, physical, economic and social needs.

Compassion has distinctives they call the Four C's:

  • Christ-centered
  • Child-focused
  • Church-based
  • Committed to integrity

At all levels, Compassion seeks holistic child development. Their programs offer educational opportunities, health care, health-related instruction, supplemental nutrition, life-skills training and opportunities to hear and respond to the gospel.

Compassion works through sponsorship and their programs include:

For information about their financial accountability, please view their reports here.

In 2013, I wrote a series called 31 Days of Compassion International. Here are all the posts...

Welcome to 31 Days of Compassion International. Here are Compassion Family we always talk about Compassion International. You might be wondering how this month will be different from any other will be different in several ways. First of all, I will be posting every single day - for 31 days. Each day we will take a look at a different aspect of Compassion's ministry.

You might be a sponsor, an advocate or just curious to know more about this ministry. Whoever you are, I hope you learn something new about child sponsorship and the unique way in which Compassion works.

See below for a schedule of posts. As each post is posted, there should be a link from this page to the post. If it's not working, simply go to the blog and search by selecting the 31 days of Compassion label.

Day 15 - Bite Back
Day 16 - Water of Life
Day 18 - Advocate Network
Day 23 - Social Media
Day 24 - OurCompassion
Day 29 - Good Reads
Day 30 - Visit Compassion
Day 31 - Compassion Joys

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