Monday, October 14, 2013

Christmas With Compassion

One of the ways that Compassion raises funds for all the areas we covered yesterday, is through their Christmas gift catalog.

The gift catalog is beautiful to look at and the impact is has on the lives of children and families living in poverty is even more beautiful.

There are different price points:

  • $1-$25
  • $26-$99
  • $100-$500
  • $500+

There are also different categories and each category has several gift options at varying price points:
  • Health 
  • Water
  • Disaster Response
  • Children at Risk
  • Income Generation
  • Education
  • Child Survival Program
  • Unsponsored Children
  • Urgent Needs

October is the month to prepare for Christmas when it comes to your sponsored children. Compassion collects monetary donations and pools all the money so all children (sponsored and unsponsored) can receive a Christmas gift. The suggested amount is $20 per child and donations are due Oct. 31. 

Also....Christmas is the ONLY time we can send cards and letters to unsponsored children. This is an exciting time to share the love of God with those children who are still waiting to be sponsored. Remember, unsponsored children are actively involved in Compassion's program - the only difference is that they don't have that special friend who sends them letters. This is our chance to be that special friend to every one else.

There is no limit to how many cards you can send in. All cards need to be received by October 31st and can be sent to:

Compassion International
Attn: Suzuanne Hall
Colorado Springs, CO 80997

  • Have a Christmas card making family night and get everyone in your family to help in making cards
  • Hold a sponsor gathering at your church and invite sponsors to get together and make cards (I did this last year and it was very successful! We are doing it again next Sunday.)
  • Have the children's ministry at your church participate - if each child makes 1 or 2 cards, they will quickly add up. It's a great way to expose our children to the needs of children around the world and it's the perfect opportunity to let children minister God's love to others.

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