Thursday, October 10, 2013

Child Survival Program

rescuing, nurturing and discipling little ones
provides care before and after birth for babies (ages 0-5) and moms

  • prevents illnesses through medical check-ups and immunizations
  • provides nutrition that pregnant moms and babies need
  • prepares moms with training to care for baby
  • proclaims the hope of Jesus to moms and babies living in poverty

photos of children in CSP in Peru

CSP by the numbers...

  • 27,343 mothers and babies
  • 3,961 mothers came to know Christ this past year
  • 621 centers
  • 2,662 successful live births this past year

For $20 a month you can support a Child Survival Program. You will not be linked to an individual child, but you will help fund and support the program. You will receive at least one letter a year from a participant in the CSP that you support.

For more information about this program, go HERE or HERE.

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