Friday, October 18, 2013

Advocate Network


I think that after a certain amount of time (6 months maybe), every sponsor is invited to become an official advocate and join the advocate network. 

Compassion depends on people like you and me to spread the word about sponsorship and recruit new sponsors for all the kids who are waiting. When you join the advocate network, you receive training and have access to resources to help you on the journey.

I've been part of the advocate network for years...many years (15+). I have seen many changes over the years and it's always getting better. The training is top notch and the resources made available to advocates are so helpful and cool. One of my favorite parts of the advocate network is our access to coaching. 

Compassion does not ask for a certain level of commitment, nor do they have minimum requirements you must meet to remain an advocate. In fact, they really don't tell you what to do as an advocate. They do, however, equip you to take your advocacy in whatever direction you want to go. 

Some advocate love working events - concerts, conferences, music festivals, etc. Other advocates love to organize races and other fundraising events. Some advocates love speaking and present Compassion Sunday presentations at every church they can get into. Other advocates use social media as their platform (blogging, facebook, twitter, etc). 

Compassion has support and resources for all these different things, and they do their best to equip each advocate in their ministry.

Advocates have direct access to a regional manager. This is who you call or email with any and every question. My regional manager is great and I can go to him with ideas, questions, prayer requests and more. Advocates are invited to regional gatherings and are offered discounts on trips to visit their sponsored child. 

There really is a whole network of advocates and it's easy to begin considering the advocate network as a family. 

These are just my thoughts about the Advocate Network. Compassion has a lot more information on their website - just click HERE to learn more.

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