Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good Reads

Let's talk about reading, shall we? I love to read and fortunately, Compassion has published some pretty good reading material for me!

First is their magazine called Compassion Magazine.

It is fully of inspiring stories, beautiful photographs and so much more. You can view the magazine on line (click HERE) and it's even available in an ipad format (click HERE). 

You can also access past issues (click HERE for the previous issue).

Then there are the amazing books by Wess Stafford....

(quite possibly my favorite book)

And there are a whole slew of books that Compassion has either published or endorsed.

(a collection of devotionals written by Compassion staff)
I managed to pick up a print copy while at Compassion's GMC in Colorado Springs. 
You can read all the devotionals HERE on Compassion's blog.

A Place at the Table by Chris Seay

Fast Living by Scott c. Todd

Sheba's Song by J.A. Harbison

Hope Lives by Amber VanSchooneveld

Unshaken by Dan Woolley


USUALLY most of these books are available for purchase through Compassion's store. However, Compassion's store is currently under construction and not available.
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