Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Official Compassion Blog

I'm so glad you are one of my blog readers and that you come here to learn more about the ministry of Compassion International. I would never want to lose you as a reader, but did you know there is a much better blog out there about Compassion?

It's the official Compassion blog. (Check it out...I just happen to have my very first post there today!)

With a wide variety of contributors, you can learn so many things about how Compassion is ministering to children all over the world.

Their topic categories include:
  • Advocacy
  • Chapel
  • Child Sponsorship
  • Child Survival
  • Children in Poverty
  • Complementary Interventions
  • Country Staff
  • Country Tips
  • Crisis
  • Employees and Culture
  • For New Sponsors
  • In the News
  • Join the Cause
  • Leadership Development
  • Letter Writing
  • Multi Media
  • Partners
  • Sponsors and Donors

A little bit of everything for a little bit of everyone. If you can only read one blog about Compassion, then make sure it's the official Compassion blog.
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