Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quest for Compassion, Compassion Explorer and Homeschool Lessons

Over the past couple years, Compassion has put out some really great resources for kids. Resources that help them learn about and engage in the ministry Compassion is doing through child sponsorship.

I don't know about you, but this is important to me. In fact, it's the idea behind this here blog. I want my entire family engaged and involved in child sponsorship.

Here are some of the cool resources Compassion has that are specifically geared towards kids.


This is an interactive website for kids where you can create a travel buddy and travel to four Compassion countries: El Salvador, Brazil, Ghana and Bagladesh.

In each country, there are games to play, facts to learn, pictures to take and words to try saying.

Find the website HERE.


Did you know Compassion has a magazine just for kids?

It is full of country information, personal stories, craft ideas, recipes and more. And the photos - the photos are fabulous! If you are not receiving this, you will definitely want to call Compassion and request this wonderful resource. You can also access it online and download it directly from Compassion's website. Just go HERE.


Compassion has also put together five lessons that can be used with your kids. Although they call this homeschool curriculum, it can be used by anyone!

All the lessons can be found HERE.

More specifically, each lesson focuses on a teaching point and a country where Compassion works. A single click will take you to the website where you can download and print off the lesson plans.

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