Sunday, October 27, 2013

Compassion Sunday

Every year Compassion launches an annual campaign called Compassion Sunday. 

Each year there is a theme and Compassion puts together all sorts of resources that make it easy for sponsors and advocates to host Compassion Sunday presentations in their home church. 

This past year, Compassion created a website that was dedicated to providing information and encouragement to anyone who was considering participating. (you can find the website HERE). 

Compassion provides you with everything you need....
  • a planning guide
  • pastor testimonials
  • participant testimonials
  • various length videos to show
  • t-shirt to wear
  • videos to watch in preparation
  • resources to download
  • resources to set up a sponsorship table
  • helpful speaking tips
  • poverty facts
  • Bible verses about poverty
  • pastor's resources
I've been doing Compassion Sunday presentations for YEARS and each year Compassion gives us more to work from. It's amazing what they put together. 

It's such an effective way to share the message and ministry of sponsorship with your friends and family. If you haven't already participated, I hope you'll plan to next year!

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