Friday, March 23, 2012

From Kenya With Love - Letter #20

Dated June 13, 1998, this is the 20th letter I received from Judith, my first sponsored child who lives in Kenya. In this letter she talks about how involvement in Compassion has positively impacted her life and her family. I have marked these words in bold for emphasis.
Dear Mrs. Jill Foley,
It is a wonderful blessed day that the almighty winner has made me to say a word of hello unto you hoping that you are still alive through the guidance of our almighty God. Thank you very much for the pictures, letters plus a gift which you sent to me. The gift was ksh 908 from which I bought a very beautiful dress. The remaining money we used together with my family members. When I received the money I was very happy as a king in his palace and praised God. Also my family members were very happy and we jointly feel that Jesus' love is very great that when you involve your life in him you will have a good life and a successful one. 
At school we are now on academic checkup where we should work hard and perform very well in the training of my career. At home we were given some vegetable seedlings by the Compassion project for planting. I have planted them and they are now growing well. And also we are harvesting beans which is very wonderful and sweet to eat. 
I pray for you every day so that God may lead you and protect you in your life. Since I joined Compassion, I have experienced a great difference in my life and family members' lives. We all go to church every Sunday of which we never used to do in the past. I used to be very shy to stand before any group testifying of what the Lord has done to me, but now I just feel free and joyful in my heart singing and praising to God. My favorite verse for this year is Proverbs 3:5 which says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own insight." 
May God bless you with your family.

Your sponsored child, 
Judith Wanga

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