Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mexican Wild Mushroom Soup

The recipe for Wild Mushroom Soup can be found on the Mexico Rural Region page.

I did a few substitutions: olive oil instead of canola, oregano instead of epazote, a can of diced tomatoes instead of slicing whole ones (I was out of fresh tomatoes) and jalapeño pepper instead of serrano peppers since my mum has tons of jalapeños from her garden right now. I also cut the amount of chicken broth in half since my husband likes soup with more stuff and less broth.

Juanito had so much fun cutting the mushrooms!

Rosie just had fun dressing the part of the chef but was not interested in helping cook.

The soup was delicious, but was spicy…and I only put one jalapeño! So if you have kids, I would go with only a little bit of jalapeño or serrano, not all four peppers like the recipe called for. My husband loved this soup!

Now I'm off to write to Jose about our Mexican soup! I can't wait to hear what she thinks. If you have older kids and would like to get more involved, here are some ideas:

* Mexican flag and country coloring page
* Individualized coloring page
* Time for Kids: Mexico


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