Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brazilian Baiao De Dois

This week we tried out the Brazilian recipe, Baiao De Dois, which you can find on Compassion's Brazil Northeastern Rural Region page. This was a little more complicated than the Rice Pudding or Pisang Goreng, since it is a meal, not a dessert.

If you're a meal procrastinator like I am, I would just like to warn you that the black eyed peas take time! I forgot to soak them the night before and so had to do the quick soak. I also subbed olive oil for butter or margarine, added black pepper, and skipped the bacon bouillon. I couldn't find bacon bouillon at our local store and didn't know when I would make it to a specialty store. I think that the bacon and sausage in the dish add lots of flavor and didn't miss the bouillon.

The kids were hungry and gobbled up the dish! Eric also enjoyed it and so I think we will make this again in the future for dinner!

To learn a little more about Brazil, we watched a video of kids doing capoeira. One of the girls we sponsor in Brazil loves capoeira and I thought my kids would enjoy learning a little bit of Brazilian culture!

Now I'm looking forward to writing to our kids in Brazil to tell them that we tried the recipe and watched capoeira! If you have older kids and would like to get more involved, here are some ideas:

* Brazilian flag and country coloring page
* Individualized coloring page
* Learn an Brazilian game: Cinco Marias
* Time for Kids: Brazil

About Hannah Hinojosa...Hannah is a long time Compassion sponsor and writes about her sponsorship journey at Because of Shamim. In addition to being a wife and mother, she is a part-time math professor and loves to read.
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