Monday, July 27, 2015

Nowanda in Indonesia


First letter was dated February letter was dated October 2010. We received approximately 30 letters over 7 years.

Miscellaneous info from letters:
  • was not yet in school when we first sponsored her
  • had a new father (step father) when we first sponsored her
  • called us papa and mama / brother and sister
  • asked to consider our new baby (Sydney) her own sibling as she didn't have any siblings
"I'm the happiest kid on earth because I'm now a part in your family."
  • participated in project's swimming program. Also got to go to Pizza Hut during this time.
  • egg decorating contest at project around Easter
  • went to waterpark on holiday
  •  in 2009 her baby brother was born

final letter....

Dear Kevin and Jill, 
Hello. How are you doing? My family and I in Indonesia are healthy and are blessed by the Lord. What do you do now, Kevin and Jill? I am busy at school. After I start Junior High school I often go home in the evening because there are so many activities at school. What makes it even sadder is that I have to move to a new house in Boyolali. I cannot attend the activities at the project any longer because the distance between my new home and the project is very far away. Because of that, I have to depart myself from the project. I thank you for your willingness to sponsor me all this time, Kevin and Jill Foley. I also thank you for financing my schooling and for helping my family. My family and I cannot repay your kindness. I can only pray that you and your family will always be blessed and protected by the Lord, Kevin and Jill Foley. I will end this letter here. Please forgive me as this will be my final letter to you. May the Lord Jesus bless. 
Written by Wanda
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