Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reminders, Announcements and Links...

Over the past couple days I've run across some things that are worth mentioning here. I thought I'd sneak a post in here in addition to the 31 day series I'm doing.

Speaking of that series....are you enjoying it? I'm enjoying writing it. I've run into a slight problem though. I have more than 31 days of posts if I want to cover everything I'd like to talk about. So the series will likely continue into the first of November as well. are the things I want to bring to your attention.

Christmas Cards - Compassion has set an OCTOBER 31 deadline for Christmas gifts and cards. I mentioned this in my Christmas post earlier this week, but thought it was worth mentioning again. You only have 2 weeks left to meet this deadline.

You can write and send cards to unsponsored children again this year. There is no limit so write as many as you can! Send them to:
Compassion International
Attn: Suzuanne Hall
Colorado Springs, CO 80997

One Meal One Day  - November 6, 2013

Skip a meal and donate the money you would have spent on the meal to Compassion. Help change a child's world (and yours, too). You can head to the OMOD website HERE for more information.

OMOD Photo Scavenger Hunt  - between now and November 6th
Compassion is holding another photo scavenger hunt and you are invited to join. By participating, you can make yourself eligible for all sorts of prizes. 

You can share your photos in Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and more. Then head to this page to submit your URL for prizes.

It's fun to look for the photo prompts and it's a great way to spread the ministry and message of Compassion.

Head HERE for more details and a list of the photo prompts.

Monthly Compassion Joy Dare Link Up

I hope you've been making a list of all the ways God has been blessing you through the ministry of Compassion this month. It's not too late. And remember to come back here on October 31st to share your list with the rest of us!

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