Friday, July 26, 2013

Water of Life ~ VBS Day 5

For the final presentation I wanted a way to visually illustrate the impact the kids are having on the families that will receive Water of Life systems because of their generosity this week.

I decided to use the water drop idea and created smaller versions. We have been divided into multi-age groups of 5-8 people all week. We each have a coat of arms symbol and we each have a crew name. Before the final gathering, I randomly hung the small water drops on 5 group areas.

My favorite part of the night was watching some of the kids count how many water drops were hanging. They knew we were only $38  from the 4th Water of Life system, so it was cool to watch them realize there were 5 water drops....representing 5 Water of Life systems.

Here's what I said...

Have you enjoyed this week? Have you enjoyed the group of people you spent the week with? You know, the crews we were assigned to were kind of like our VBS family this week. We've sung together, played together, worked together and eaten together. I'd like you to take a look and see if there is a water drop on your flag. If there is, please have your crew stand up. 

How many crews are there standing up?

Hey...that's how many families will be receiving Water of Life systems because of your generosity this week. 

Do you see how many people will now have clean, safe drinking water because of you?

Good job and THANK YOU!!

I want to tell you a little bit about what each family will get....
  • a safe water system that provides a lifetime of safe drinking water for a child and his or her family
  • education for improving hygiene and sanitation (explain the words hygiene and sanitation if necessary)
  • support for improving community water sources and sanitation where needed
  • release from poverty - physically, emotionally, educationally and spiritually - through Compassion's sponsorship program
I'm going to leave you tonight with one last fact and one last challenge.

FACT: a person can survive 30 days without food, but less than a week without water.

CHALLENGE: when you drink clean water, remember to thank God for that water and say a prayer for the thousands of people who do not have clean, safe water to drink.

One boy suggested we pray right then so we did. It was a wonderful week and I had a great time presenting Water of Life. 
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