Thursday, July 25, 2013

Water of Life ~ VBS Day 4

My 4th presentation at VBS....(click on the following to see Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3).

Tonight's presentation had three main objectives:

  1. talk about dirty water 
  2. make dirty water
  3. taste clean, filtered water

First, I showed some photos and told about a camping experience I had where we had to get our water out of an old animal water trough.

I talked about how that water was only safe for us to drink because we used water filters.

Next it was time to make some dirty water. I wanted to do this in front of the kids so they would be more involved in the process.

Earlier in the day my daughters and I set off on a 3/4 mile walk to a nearby lake to collect some lake water.

During the presentation, I had the girls come up and tell a little about what that experience was like. Our water jugs were not very big so they were not very heavy, but it was still tiring for all of us to have to carry the water home.

Then it was time to make our own dirty water.

We had some water left over from games the night before that had all sorts of dirt and grass and other stuff in it. We started with that and then added lake water and more dirty water my daughter made in our backyard. The lake water just didn't look that dirty, so we wanted to add some very (visually) dirty water to the mix.

We poured all these different kinds of dirty water into the big Compassion bucket and then let it run through the filter.

Then it was time to taste the clean, filtered water.

I was the first to try the filtered water and then I invited the kids to try it. I used little dixie cups and gave out "I drank it" stickers to all who were brave enough to try it. It was a hit! The kids were very eager to try it and I think it made a pretty big impression on them. A few of them kept saying, "It really works!"

Here's a little video clip my husband took of part of the presentation.

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