Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Scavenger Hunt Photos

Compassion has been having a photo scavenger hunt this month. It's been very fun keeping an eye open for the items in the list. Some were harder than others and for some I had to get creative. If you want in on the fun, it's not too late. You can submit your photos until July 31st (next Wednesday). If you want all the details, go HERE.

And are my photos...

baby scale
I couldn't find anything for this one

braided hair
my daughter was sitting on my lap one day and I braided her hair

children playing soccer
This is a picture of me when I was younger. Several months ago I wrote a letter to my Compassion kids and talked about when I was their age. Since soccer is such a popular sport world-wide, I thought they would enjoy seeing my days as a soccer player.

church sign
Our church recently got a new sign

flag of a country where Compassion works
Mexican flag - saw this while watching a parade

farmer's market or food vendor
This is a local farm stand that we drive by regularly.

flip phone
I couldn't find anything for this one

food staple
Tortillas are a favorite food staple in our home.

sewing machine
I saw this one day while shopping and thought of all the little girls in Compassion's projects who would love to learn to sew on this cute machine.

goat or cow
Two goats spotted by my daughter while driving through town. She named them "Scavenger" and "Hunt".

seeds or grain
Seeds left over from our own garden planting.

Our Compassion grad, Dominic Muchangi. I was reading an old email from him and saw this photo attached. He's proudly wearing his lab coat and stethoscope after completing his medical technology training.

If you want to sponsor a child of your own (or sponsor an additional child), there are several children waiting. You can see photos of them and read a little bit about them HERE.

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