Sunday, December 23, 2012

LDP in Honduras

Our family has the awesome honor and privilege of sponsoring Cilia ~ and LDP student in Honduras ~ who is studying pharmacy. 

Recently we received a letter and photos giving us a better look into the LDP program in Honduras.

I hope you enjoy it and it gives you a better understanding of this part of Compassion's ministry. (I emphasized one paragraph because it beautifully summarizes what the LDP program is all about).

Dear Sponsor,

May the Lord's blessing be poured over each one of our Honduras Leadership Development Program sposnors! Our warmest regards to you.

We would like to share with you about the LDP program in our country.

The LDP program began four years ago with 16 precious students who have become those who have opened the way for many other young men and women.

Along these four years, we have experienced such growth that currently we minister to 112 students and by January 2013, we will be blessed with approximately 147 students. It has been a learning process of much growth and maturing, with some struggles, yet much joy, so that we can thankfully say, Ebenezer, "Thus far God has helped us"! Today we are about to see the first fruits of this gree that was lovingly and confidently planted four years ago as we will be having our first LDP graduation by the end of 2012. God is good!

This June we had our first National Camp where all of our program students gathered together for the first time to enjoy Christian fellowship, outdoor games, and curricular conferences on topics such as Biblical Perspectives on Relationships and Marriage, Emotional Intelligence and the Leadership Development Program Vision. Each student returned home thoroughly refreshed and equipped to play their role as a student with excellence.

Also, this past November 2011, our students participated in curricular conferences where they learned about Helping Others Overcome Harmful Habits, Influencing and Educating Peers and Friends, Evangelism and Discipleship, as well as Basic Guidelines for Bible study.
We have recently redesigned and re-launched our LDP Care Group strategy so that all 112 students are part of a Care Group held at different student's homes and led by a team of fellow servant leaders. We have 14 groups in total spread throughout the country, yet most of them are held in our capital city, Tegucigalpa. In these Care Group meetings, students enjoy Christian fellowship, build friendships, carry out community service, pray for needs, and share a short, yet relevant-to-them message. 

Our young people are passionate for Christ and feel challenged and committed to changing the future in our  beloved Honduras. They actively organize community service where they carry donations to the poorest communities in our country. They share with them the gospel, as well as God's love and provision. They also serve in their child development centers by becoming role models for children who look up to the LDP students, organize large periodical evangelistic activities at their universities, and some of our students who have completed their classes are now working in government institutions and participating in political movements. 

In the near future, we expect to support our students with high quality English classes to better prepare them to be competitive within various labor markets, where doors may be opened for internships, apprenticeships, job opportunities, and the building of different key relationships both within and outside our country.

We thank the Lord and we thank you for loving and supporting our students as you believe in them and what God can do with them through your sponsorship. You are equally important to each one of them, serving as role models, challengers, hope builders and mentors in their lives.

In Christ's love,
Honduras Program Specialist Team

LDP students minister to pregnant women about caring for newborn babies during a visit to the maternity center in Gracias Lempira

LDP students visit and impoverished community in Lempira, bringing food, clothing, medicines and the gospel.

LDP students share biblical lessons and play with children while visiting a Compassion child development center in Gracias Lempira

Students share with each other their understanding of the curricular topic "Helping Others Overcome Harmful Health Practices"

Group games during a training event

New LDP students during the orientation camp

LDP students pose for a group photo in the first LDP National Retreat at Valle de Angeles, Francisco Morazan

LDP students enjoy a group game during the first LDP National Retreat

I have had the awesome privilege of meeting several LDP students and graduates. Every single one of these outstanding individuals has left a significant impression on me. These young men and women are truly remarkable people. Their stories of overcoming poverty and rising above despite all the odds stacked against them are so inspirational.

If you aren't more familiar with LDP sponsorship, please take some time to learn more at Compassion's website.

And seriously consider how you might get more involved. Maybe your church could sponsor a student. Or your Bible study group. Or through your blog you could co-sponsor a student.

There are so many young men and women who qualify for this program, but not enough sponsors to let everyone in. It's a big commitment, but it's an investment you cannot overlook. The LDP students are making  a difference in their countries, and you can be part of that.

At the very least, consider a last minute gift to Leadership Development through the 2012 Gift Catalog.

I would love to hear about your experience with LDP - either students you have met or sponsor. Share your story for all of us to hear!

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