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What is LDP anyway?

LDP stands for Leadership Development Program and is the university level of holistic development that follows Compassion’s CDSP (child development sponsorship program).

The LDP mission statement reads:

In partnership with the Church worldwide, Compassion’s Leadership Development Program launches outstanding graduates from our Child Sponsorship Program into their full, God-given potential. They are equipped with a university degree, mentored in their Christian life and instilled with a passion to serve that transforms their communities and nations.

Have you ever met an LDP or former LDP student? Have you had the opportunity to hear them speak and tell their story?

I have been blessed to meet several, and let me tell you, they are some of the most impressive people I have ever met. Compassion is thorough when it comes to training these young men and women and developing their leadership skills.


myself with Daniel and David, LDP students in Kenya

jill's 194

with Roxanna, LDP student in Peru

I used to question the value of sponsoring an LDP student. At $300 a month, it’s a huge commitment and I couldn’t help but think of the 7 younger children I could sponsor through CDSP for the same amount of money.

Then I met Alex Mutagubya from Uganda. Currently living in Portland, OR, Alex and his wife came to the US to pursue degrees from Multnomah University and Seminary. Alex shared with me how LDP launched him into ministry and continues to shape his life today. (you’ll hear more from Alex tomorrow, so be sure to come back!)


the Mutagubya family

Shortly after meeting Alex, I began corresponding with David ~ an LDP student in Peru. I’ve shared some of his story before, and it’s obvious LDP is having a big impact on his life. In August of 2010 I had the opportunity to travel to Peru and meet David. Again, I was impressed by his spiritual maturity, through letters, he continues to challenge, inspire and encourage me in my faith.

jill's 197

with David in Peru

When you sponsor an LDP student, you are truly investing in a future leader. Take Margaret Makhoha for example. A former LDP student in Uganda, Margaret was recently elected to the Ugandan Parliament. Another example is my friend Alex. He will soon be returning to Uganda to pastor a church near Kampala where he will minister and lead the people of his community.

Although the qualification and selection process is rigorous, there is no shortage of good, qualified candidates for LDP. There is, however, a shortage of sponsors.

If you decide to invest in a future leader, you will receive a student file folder that includes a student profile, personal testimony, university profile and country profile. You will also receive an extremely informative booklet Compassion has put together to further explain the LDP program. And finally, you will receive a beautiful frame to display your student’s photo.


Do yourself a favor, learn more about the Leadership Development Program. Visit Compassion’s website and search on line for stories and interviews. You won’t be disappointed. This is the final step of Compassion’s holistic development, and it’s quite possibly the most important one.

Do you have experience with the LDP program? If so, please share in the comments.

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