Friday, March 9, 2012

From Kenya With Love - Letter #18

This is the 18th letter I received from Judith Wanga, my first sponsored child in Kenya. This letter is dated November 22, 1997. I love how this letter demonstrates the ministry of Compassion in such a personal and tangible way.
Dear Jill,
Praise be to God for his mercy and protection towards our daily lives. I'm happy to be in the Lord and I wish to stay under his guidance throughout my life. Indeed I am very grateful for the daily support I get from you which sustains me in the Compassion programme. Your support is of great help to me in particular and even to my family as a whole. It's through your support that I'm able to grow spiritually, physically, academically and socially fit in the community. 
This is my first year in training. I am doing a tailoring course. I am faring on well and with full confidence I do believe that I shall succeed and be a good tailor/dress maker at the end of my training course. The church has given a plot ot my Compassion project to construct on a skills workshop. Already the workshop has been erected and parents plus pupils are busy working on it during this December holidays. The workshop will be used as a training centre (school) for carpentry and tailoring skills as from early next year. 
We have a new social worker at my project. He is saved. He is Mr. Aswani Harizon. 
My family has planted green vegetables on our garden. They are quite healthy and strong due to adequate rainfalls at hand. I am in a youth church group (team) practicing Christmas songs, plays and memorizing verses from the Bible about the birth of Jesus Christ in preparation for the long awaited day which is Christmas day. This is a very important day to the lives of Christians all over the world, as it reminds us about the birth of our almighty Jesus Christ the saviour of earth from its sins. Do you also celebrate Christmas? If yes, then how will you celebrate Christmas? Thank  you very much for enabling me grow in all spheres of life. May the almighty shower you plus your family with holy blessings from his seat. 
Your sponsored child, 
Judith Wanga

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