Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Marlon in Nicaragua

March 25, 2001

We began sponsoring Marlon in February of 2015. I had just returned from a trip to Nicaragua and felt inspired to sponsor more children from Nicaragua in the future - as some of my current sponsored children graduated and left the sponsorship program, I would replace them with children from Nicaragua. My friend and fellow Compassion blogger, Hannah, was corresponding with Marlon when he lost his financial sponsor. She posted about needing to find a sponsor for Marlon and I remembered my desire to add kids from Nicaragua...thus began our sponsorship of Marlon.

Please head to Hannah's blog for her post on Marlon.

So far we have received 20 letters from Marlon.

Marlon attends NI 149 Hijos de Abraham Student Center. He lives with his grandmother, who earns money by selling tortillas on the streets. In one letter he said his family consists of his father, Grandmother, Aunt/Uncle and cousins.


  • class - math
  • food - chicken
  • color - green
  • pet - dog
  • Bible character - Joseph
  • game - soccer

Miscellaneous info:

  • wants to be car mechanic / engineer
  • received medical checkup at project and vitamins
  • celebrates Independence day on Sept 14 with a parade
  • received school supplies from project
  • celebrates birthdays at project
  • loves Christmas songs and the colorful lights
  • March 2017 - finished 5th grade
  • used $ to buy shoes, flip flops, hair gel, veggies, clothes and food supplies
  • working in a food place (May 2017)
  • Sept 2017 - was in car accident and broke his foot, had to quit school
  • March 2018 - foot is healing and he is able to attend the Compassion project again.
  • June 2018 - able to walk, but with difficulty

"I deeply appreciate you keep sponsoring me and also the letters, calendar, stickers, pictures and everything you sent me. I ask you to pray for me always."

Final letter...?

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