Friday, May 18, 2018

Learning About...a Series for Teens

I was so inspired by Hannah's Learning About (insert country here) series, that I decided to do my own series aimed for older kids. My girls are currently aged 11 and 13 and are ready to dive a little deeper into learning about the rest of the world.

My plan is to focus on countries/areas where Compassion ministers first - especially countries where we sponsor children. We'll read a book (or several) about the country, watch videos if available, learn about Compassion's work there and ideally incorporate food from that country into our study. We live near a city with a lot of ethnic food options, so I'd love to visit some ethnic restaraunts and enjoy authentic food. 

This past school year (the one we are just wrapping up), my oldest daughter learned every country in the world. The goal was to be able to draw the entire world and label each country by the end of the year and below is her final map. 

My younger daughter will attempt this same thing next year, and I'm hoping that our study of the world will be enhanced by this experience. Who knows....maybe we'll even get to visit a country different than ours during the year. 

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