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Luis in El Salvador

December 4, 1997
We began sponsoring Luis when he was 12 years old. Our first letter was dated December 12, 2009 and over the next 6 years we received a total of 29 letters. 

Luis' family:
  • Father - Jose Luis - tailoring shop
  • Mother - Delmy Aracely
  • brother - Jarvin Jose
  • sisters - Caludia, Yolanda Tatiana and Wendy Melissa
  • PETS:
    • dog - Bobi
    • cat - Figaro
    • duck - Paco
    • goose - Paquito
    • dog - Duqueza

Luis lived in San Luis Talpa in the Department of La Paz. El Salvador is divided into 14 departments (3 areas  - east, central and west)) and La Paz is in the central area. He lives with his family in a brick house that was located 5 minutes from the project he attended. His family has coconut, mango and lemon trees at their home. 

Luis attended Centro de Desarrollo Infantil Israel - ES 755, part of Jerusalem Baptist Church

At the project:
  • learned computer
  • made pinatas
  • had annual medical check ups
  • had home visits to verify his health
  • celebrated Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, Student's Day

Miscellaneous info from letters:
  • likes the color green - because it represents nature
  • likes to do chores like sweeping, running errands and washing dishes
  • favorite subjects in school - science, health and environment
  • favorite foods - chicken, rice pudding, bean pupusas (corn tortillas filled with cheese, beans and pork)
  • has a Bible - favorite story - David and Goliat
  • wants to be a teacher
  • studying sewing to help parents in tailoring shop
  • like to play soccer
  • likes to do homework
  • favorite verses - Proverbs 6:6 and 17:17
  • learning English
  • learning computer skills (windows, excel and power point)
  • bought the following with $ we sent - shoes, shirt, pants, school bag and food (as shown in photo above)
  • annual Christmas gift - "blessing for family"
  • prays for parents to follow God

some of Luis' artwork

Dear sponsors,I will tell you about my spiritual growth. I like to share God's word with my classmates. At the project, we read God's Word before starting class. During all this time, I received Christ in my heart and I also participate in the devotionals at the project.
Message for Wess... May God bless your life, it is a great blessing to be part of Compassion's ministry where we have medical checkups and learn about God's Word and many other things. I know that God will bless the job you did for many children to receive blessings. 
message from pastor....We teach our children how to pray for their sponsors. When children get letters from their sponsors they are happy that someone cares about them and thinks about them. They sometimes read their letters many times and read them to their parents. This brings everyone great joy. They express such happiness when they receive correspondence and letters. 

letter from pastor
The church and project are only about 8 km away from the beaches of the Pacific, and the temperatures are 27-30 degrees C. This is a zone for cultivation of sugar cane, working in cooperatives, as a way of organization in the land administration. There are approximately 400 associated peasant farmers who are concentrated in small villages where most of the children and families of the project live. Due to their location, the villages are at high risk for flooding in the rainy season. 
Most of the families work harvesting the sugar cane for four months (November - March). This work does not cover their basic economic needs, so they have to work as street vendors, making corn tortillas to sell - a work done especially by the mothers. Because of the families' economic situation, the children face an unbalanced diet.  
Family disintegration occurs when the parents leave the household looking for a job opportunity, and the children live with relatives. For this, many girls start being sexually involved at an early age, quitting school, and the young people are influenced by gangs. Because of the water contamination caused by pesticides, herbicides and chemicals, many suffer from kidney infections. 
It is not easy to impact this reality, but as a church and project, we are God's tool to reach out to many children with the Word of God. We remember that this is the work of the Holy Spirit and depends not only on us, but on the power of God.
The project has been of great blessing for the children in the community to cover their many needs, not only materially but spiritually. When parents discover how the project works, they realize it is not only a place where children are cared for during the week, but a place where they are covered in the spiritual, cognitive, physical and socio emotional areas. This benefits the behavior in the family. 
There are 360 children enrolled in our center, and they received medical checkups, medication, and food. In the cognitive area, they received remedial courses and are helped with their homework.They participate in the workshops of computing and pinata making. They receive birthday and Christmas presents, and they are being instructed in the Word of God, so that when they become adults, they can choose between good and bad in life, becoming different young people. 
This project has impacted the work team because they know it contributes to the sowing of the Word of God. They also work hard, knowing that every preparation is for the purpose of giving attention to the children under God's perspective. 

final letter....

Dear sponsors,
God bless you. I greet you with much affection. Thank God I am in good health. This letter is to tell you that I have finished my time in the project of Compassion. Thank God and you, during my time in the project, I have received medical and dental checkups, clinic exams, Christian education that help me me a lot in my life to be a different person. I also received gifts that you sent me with your beautiful letters. I learnt a lot in the computing and pinata making workshops. This would have not been possible without your help and grace of God; you will be always on my prayers. I tell you that my dream is to continue to study and become a professional in computers. I ask God to help me to go on and keep in his paths, as he is the only who can help us. I ask you to keep me on your prayers so that God will guide my life. Am sending you some pictures as memories. Thanks for supporting me and being present in my life. I say goodbye and thank you for all your support. I hope you can support another child in need.
With much love, Luis

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