Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Compassion Daybook

I recently read Jesus, Bread and Chocolate by John Thompson. It talks about having an authentic faith in a mass market world and touches on some important issues like fair trade chocolate and coffee. The final chapter is all about child sponsorship through Compassion, so for that reason alone I would recommend it!

Praying for
Josseling in Nicaragua...She was scheduled to graduate and complete the sponsorship program in October when she turned 18, but has had to leave early. In January she began studying journalism at the university and she just doesn't have the time to attend her project anymore. I was anticipating her graduation, but my having to write a final letter came earlier than I expected. It's so hard to write a final letter after 12 years of sponsorship, but I'm so thankful I got to meet her in January.

Working on
Compassion's this coming Sunday at my church and I need to work on my presentation! Our youth pastor is doing the communion message (and he sponsors 2 kids), my husband is preaching and then I'll have 5 minutes to share.

I plan to hang this shower curtain in the hallway of our church, with a few child packets. All the kids and parents go down the hall to get to their classrooms so I think it will be a good visual. 

Thinking about
OK...confession time. I've been feeling overwhelmed lately with the number of kids we sponsor and correspond with. I don't feel like I can keep track or really know my kids, and writing letters seems like such a big task these days. I probably shouldn't have taken on 8 more correspondent kids earlier this year. At this point, I haven't decided to replace Josseling with a new child because I'm wondering if I should scale back when opportunities arise. Does anyone else feel like this or am I just being whiny?

I'm getting ready to wrap up my Fruit of the Spirit letter series this month. I have one final fruit to write about - self-control and then this 10 month series will come to an end. I'll have to figure out what to write about next! To read all the sample letters in the series, go HERE.

On the Blog
Another confession...some days I'm not sure if this blog has run its course or not. There are so many Compassion sponsors blogging about their experience and it's a great thing. When I started this blog, there weren't that many so I thought it would be unique. Some days/weeks I feel inspired and have much to share...other days/weeks I feel like calling it quits. I guess I'm just not sure where to go from here.

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