Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meeting Ana

We met Ana on behalf of my brother and his family (Henry and Ana). They sponsored Ana about a month before our trip. I think Ana was very confused at first about who we were and why we were meeting her. She was at the project waiting to meet us, but had just been told about our visit that same morning.

Ana's father works for the electric company during the week, and on Sunday's is a barber out of his home. This front room was his barber shop.

We stayed in the front courtyard of Ana's home, but I took a few photos of the living space. I don't know how many people live back here, but I think it's more than one family. I really wish I'd been a bit more forward and asked to see more of the homes. 

Rosario (Ana's mom) and Josue (baby brother)

I don't remember this girl's name, but she is Ana's cousin

My mom is showing the family photos of Henry and Ana and explaining how we know them. Henry is not my biological brother, but has been unofficially adopted into our family. We've known him since he was very young and he really is part of the family. This other woman pictured is Jhemmy, our wonderful translator.

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