Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Meeting Maria

As I mentioned before, due to some communication errors, Maria did not know we were coming. After some Compassion staff sent word for her, she showed up in a beautiful, green dress and sneakers. It was precious. 

When we arrived at her home, I absolutely was not ready for what I saw. Just thinking back to that moment when we pulled up brings tears to my eyes. I've seen poverty in Peru and Thailand and Mexico. I'd already been in homes in Nicaragua that I would deem unsuitable. But I was not ready for this. 

We quickly learned that eight people live inside this home.

Maria's mother, Margarita, was the only other family member we met. She is just recovering from a long illness caused by mosquitoes (but not malaria). You could tell she was proud of her daughter. When we asked her what her family needed most she said "health and God". 

I am so thankful that my mom sponsored Maria shortly before this trip. And I'm so thankful for all the pretty things my mom brought her.

There were additional buildings in the back, where other family members lived. This was very common in Nicaragua - for homes to include several smaller families within a larger family, all using the same piece of property to live.

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