Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Day Thursday

It's been a while since I've done a daybook post and I don't know what else to post about so......

Outside my window ~ Spring has sprung here in the Pacific Northwest. Leaves are beginning to form on the trees, grass is growing and flowers are blooming. I also hear birds chirping each morning and frogs croaking each night. Here are some pictures of my backyard this morning.

Thankful for ~ So many things! I'm very thankful I finished my round of April letters and got them sent off to our kids. This was the first time I have written 24 letters in one go and I was anxious about how much time it would take. I tried a new method and it worked wonderfully and only took an hour (compared to the two it usually takes). 

Listening to ~ Right now my girl is upstairs playing her violin!

Excited about ~ My upcoming trip to El Rancho de los Ninos in Mexico. Later this month I'll be returning to the orphanage with a group from my church. This is the first time I've organized and led a short-term mission trip. I'm also excited about NEXT weekend when Chris Tomlin comes to town. For Christmas I bought tickets for all four of us to go. We all love, love, love his music and I am really loving his newest album, Burning Lights.

Reading ~  Three really good books!

Praying ~ My friend's daughter who had heart surgery this week. She's 6 years old and seems to be pulling through. I'll continue to pray for her healing and long-term health.

Plans for the Weekend ~ I haven't thought that far ahead. I'm sure we'll go for a hike somewhere on Saturday.

From the Kitchen ~ I've been experimenting with the slow-carb diet and have been eating lots of lean meat, eggs, veggies and beans this week!  

Working on ~ Project Simplify 2013. Last week was drawers and shelves, this week is closets. I'm wanting to find a better way to use the space in our front closet. Right now it seems we just throw things in there, so that's my project for the next couple days. If you want to join in, it's never too late! I'm also trying to pare down my personal wardrobe to 33 items and give Project 333 a try. I'm late on this one, as it officially started April 1st, but I still want to jump in. 

Photos from the week ~ We went to a tulip farm this week and it was beautiful!

For lots more pictures you can go to Daily Bread.

How's your week going? 

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