Monday, April 15, 2013

Thanking Wess Stafford

Send Wess Stafford a Card

I'm sure if you had the opportunity to talk to Wess Stafford, you would likely say "thank you" for all he's done for Compassion. Well, you may not have the chance to stand face to face with him, but you do have the chance to say thanks...

Lizzie over at Love is an Action is organizing a thank-you card shower for Wess Stafford. Wess has been the CEO of Compassion International for the past 20 years and is officially retiring in September. 

One idea that Lizzie mentioned is to write our sponsored / correspondent kids and ask them what they would say to Wess. If you do this soon, you should have time to get a response and pass on those responses to Wess. Personally, I will be using the on-line letter writing tool to write a letter about Wess Stafford and ask each child to write back telling me what they want to say to this amazing man. Then I'll pass on their messages to him in a card.

For more information, please go to Lizzie's blog.
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