Sunday, February 3, 2013

Maria Momojara Diamond

This weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to attend an advocate gathering not far from our home. 

Although it was wonderful reconnecting with advocate friends, the highlight was hearing Maria Momojara Diamond's story. Maria is originally from Peru and is a formerly sponsored child.
I took notes during her talk and here are some of the highlights of her story. 

At age 6 her family moved into a new neighborhood with her grandparents and other relatives. This neighborhood was a dangerous place, but her new home was only 10 steps from the local church where Compassion was registering children. Both Maria and her older brother were registered and soon she found herself sponsored.

Excited to have a sponsor, Maria eagerly waited for letters. They never came. Still, Maria learned to be thankful for the opportunity to be in the Compassion program. 

Some of the phrases she used to describe the program were....

"very nice place to be"

"super safe"

"special place to be"

"a place to go and play and be kids"

After four years, her sponsor canceled and soon Maria was sponsored by an elderly woman. Maria had prayed that her new sponsor would write to her and she did! She received 1 or 2 letters, but after a year, her new sponsor also had to cancel.

Again, Maria prayed for new sponsors and again, her prayers were answered. Her new sponsors, a young couple of which the wife was originally from Peru, wrote to Maria regularly. Maria said, "I felt like I was part of a new family." She said the best part of her day was to go to the Compassion project and see if she had gotten a new letter. 

Maria did very well in school and was able to get into nursing school and get a college degree. During this time, she began translating for her church. Eventually she had the opportunity to become a translator for Compassion and began by translating letters. It was during this time that she realized the global impact Compassion's ministry had. She learned that sponsors were not just from the US (like hers had been), but that they were from all over the world and these people truly seemed to love their sponsored children. 

When I was in Peru in August of 2010, Maria was still working for Compassion Peru as a translator. She is now married to an American (Paul) and lives in the states, but she now has the opportunity to speak on behalf of Compassion as a formerly sponsored child. And she and her husband are official advocates!

Together, Maria and Paul sponsor 8 children. At their wedding in Peru, their Peruvian sponsored children and their families were able to attend.

It was an absolute joy to meet Maria and hear her story. You can read a little more on Compassion's website.
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