Friday, February 1, 2013

Do You Sudoku?

A couple months ago as I was walking through the aisles at the local Goodwill, I noticed a boxed, daily, Sudoku calendar for just a couple bucks. 

I enjoy doing these puzzles and immediately thought about our older (teen) Compassion kids. I have trouble thinking of things to send to them sometimes, and thought they might like a couple puzzles themselves. 

I still haven't sent any, but I plan to soon. 

This particular calendar came with various levels of difficulty: very easy, easy, medium and hard. I plan to send a brief explanation (in case this puzzle is new to them) with at least one of each puzzle. I'll ask them to write back and tell me what they think. If they like it, I will have plenty more to send to them.

Now I don't expect you to find this same thing by going to your Goodwill, but now that the new year has come and gone, you might find one of these on deep discount.

Or you might print some out you find on line.

Or you might find a book of Sudoku puzzles you can send.

It's just an idea I thought I would pass along.

Tell me, do you Sudoku?

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