Tuesday, July 7, 2015


As I go through my letters in an effort to minimize and organize, I decided I'd share some of the highlights from my past sponsorships.

Eventually I'll have a post for each child (past and present) and a "page" tab that will link to all these posts. This will be an easy way to keep track of information - and I can add photos and tidbits as I get them.


My first letter was dated September, 2009 and my final letter was dated early 2012. He was 15 when our sponsorship began, and 17 when it ended.

Miscellaneous info from letters:

  • lived east of Bangalore (southern India)
  • 3 children in family, lives with mom and dad
  • house - straw/hay
  • favorite games: hand ball and cricket
  • ambition to become army person
  • family used to be Hindu 
  • Programs at Compassion center: dental camp, nutrition awareness, ENT camp, prayer cell programs, family and sibling fellowship program

final letter...

Dear Aunty and Uncle, 
My loving greetings to you. I am very fine and I expect the same from you. Aunty, this is my final letter to you. The reason is, I and my entire family moved to the other state, and my parents started earning more in that state. I completed 10th grade and I continue my higher studies in other state. With the help of parents earning, God has blessed our handwork and made it double. 
Aunty, thank you very much for your precious support, your prayers and love. Aunty, remember one thing I love you and our prayers for you always.
I was well grown up in physical, spiritual, edcuation and social through your support. I once again thank you so much.
Your loving son, Suresh 

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