Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Compassion Joys

Counting all the ways He loves me and blesses me through the ministry of Compassion International

The month started off with a bang! An advocate gathering featuring Maria Momojara Diamond

reconnecting with advocate friends 

seeing Rick Schluep, our regional manager

playing with Juli Jarvis (me on violin, her on piano)

presenting Compassion as a Family ministry with my husband

Happy 8th birthday Emaunel!

Compassion Sunday materials arrive

letters from Portia, Emanuel, Ruth, Jazmin, Josseling, Jackson and Orm

beautiful drawings in those letters
Emanuel - age 8, Peru

Josseling - age 15, Nicaragua

Jackson - age 12, Kenya

Orm - age 9, Thailand

photo of Portia with the goodies she was able to buy with a gift we sent her

secured permission to hold Compassion Sunday event at my church

Will you join me in taking a moment to note the Compassion related gifts God has given you this past month? Either share them in the comments, or write a post of your own and link up.

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