Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4 Letters in One Day!

Yesterday was a very happy mail day - 4 letters in one day!

One from Peru, one from Tanzania, one from Indonesia and one from the Dominican Republic.

Remember our letters about losing teeth and tooth traditions? Well, we got another answer...

Jerry in Indonesia writes, "When I lost my teeth, what I did was the same as what was done by Sydney. But the difference is that I threw it to the roof."

Jerry also told us that his new baby brother, Maikel, was born on July 11.

Hondy in the Dominican Republic wrote that he passed to 8th grade this year. He also told us he had an excellent time on vacation and visits the Compassion project 3 times a week.

Jazmin in Peru told us she is taking dancing lessons at school. She likes to read and helps her mom with the cleaning and dishes at home. She asked if we celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June like they do. She also asked us to pray for her aunt - that God would "touch her had and she would accept him."

Finally, Joseph in Tanzania thanked us for the letter and pictures we sent. He ended his short letter by welcoming us to Tanzania!

Their letters were sweet. It warms my heart to get to know them a little better through each new letter we receive.

Have you heard from your Compassion children this week?

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