Monday, September 26, 2011

Writing to Older Kids

Ever since I began giving away correspondence kits, I’ve had people comment that they are excited to see the extra goodies because they have such a hard time knowing what to send to their older (17+) sponsored children.
My initial thought was always that our sponsored children (or in this case young adults) probably don’t really care. If they deem the stickers or book mark too childish, they can share it with a younger sibling or friend at church.
It’s also made me brainstorm a bit and think of ways to bless these older kids with stuff from me.
Here are some of my ideas (so far):
  • postcards – I think all kids would appreciate postcards, but older kids especially
  • photos
  • Photo book
  • cards – you could either write in them, or send them blank cards that they could give to someone else
  • advanced mazes
  • sudoku puzzles (assuming they know how to do them)
  • detailed / advanced coloring pages (I know I enjoy these from time to time - I like Dover)
  • artwork - your own or creations from your own children
Other ways to connect:
  • Ask your older child to memorize Scripture with you – take turns choosing the verse
  • Ask you older child to read through the Bible in a year (David, LDP student in Peru, is doing this with me)
  • Ask your older child if there is anything he or she wants to know more about – perhaps they are interested in learning more about a certain country. You could print up basic info with photos and send it to them.
I would love to hear your ideas….what can you add to this list?
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