Friday, February 24, 2012

From Kenya With Love - Letter #16

This is the next letter I received from Judith, my first sponsored child, who lives in Kenya. This letter dates back to May 1997
Dear Mrs. Jill,
I send you my greetings in the name of Jesus Christ hoping that you are still alive under the guidance of our almighty master. At home, we have planted our garden corn, beans and vegetables. Soon after germination we shall be weeding. In our community people are busy on their gardens. We had safari rally cars competitions in our country during Easter but I did not watch the safari rally cars because they passed within the urban areas far from us. Thank you very much for your letters I received from you. I read with joy and I was happy. This year is so good and successful in most events that take place, especially the Easter celebrations that taught me how Christ encountered all the sufferings to save God's people by dying on the cross. We often go to the Compassion project on Wednesday and Saturday when schools have closed for holidays and we learn there practical skills like carpentry, tailoring, art and design. I belong to tailoring skills class. We also learn that word of God from the Bible. The food we eat in the project is tea for breakfast and posho with green vegetables for lunch or a mixture of corn and beans. We have teachers who attend to us by teaching subjects like English, Home science and agriculture. Their names are Mr. Mukabane, Mr. Abuko and Mrs. Winfred. We also have two social works called Mr. Rolland Mbirika and Mres. Rose Ikutu. Both of them ares saved and they are good and have spiritual love. We give them maximum co-operation. May the almighty God be with you and your family. Best wishes and happy Easter. 
Greetings to your family.
From your child, Judith Wanga

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