Friday, February 10, 2012

From Kenya With Love - Letter #14

I'm not sure exactly when I received an updated photo of Judith, but after a couple years, I did.

I've noticed that it was during this time that I have fewer letters from Judith. Again, I'm not sure if she wrote less often or if something happened and I didn't keep some of her letters.

This letter is dated April 1996, which was the year I graduated from college and got married. Perhaps my mind was on other things and I wasn't good about saving her letters.
Dear Jill,
It's another moment that I write to you this letter and greeting you in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. My family members are also fine in the name of God.
At home I am helping my family members to weed maize, cowpeas, beans and collecting firewood after school. In our school, we have closed but we are still learning until we open again. During Easter celebration I was very happy because Jesus Christ had died for our sins. Our dog has given birth to a new generation and we are happy to see new dogs. In our church our pastor is called Stephen Ramoya. He is good at preaching the word of God. In our church we also have a youth section and I will be participating in the youth section. This year I am going to be baptized so that I may be born again. How did you celebrate Easter? We had safari rally during Easter but I did not watch the competing cars because they were passing far away from where we live and only twelve of them succeeded to complete the rout. May God bless you. 
Your child, Judith Wanga.

This letter contains two foot notes - the first to to explain about school being closed. Grade 8 students preparing for national exams (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) do not go for school recesses because the syllabus is very crowded and have to complete it before the exams.  The second was to explain that safari rally is an international motor-racing sport held in Kenya annually.

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