Thursday, December 14, 2017

Keeping it Simple

I'm participating in Dressember this month - a campaign to raise awareness and funds in the fight against modern day slavery. I've worn a dress every single day so far, and to be quite honest, I've realized just how much I love wearing dresses. It's actually been a wonderful experiment and challenge for me.

This week I decided to challenge myself a bit more and wear the same dress every day, but styled differently each day. I'm trying to stay away from the obvious (different scarf or necklace each day) and am stretching myself to get creative. 

I'll take a break from this dress over the weekend, but I'm willing to go another 5 days if I get donations and support. So far I've raised $170... just under half way to my goal of $350. If I have $190 by Monday morning, I'll wear the dress again. My goal is to get $20 each day. If I do, I'll find a new way to wear this dress. 

You can donate to this wonderful cause right HERE. Thank you!
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