Saturday, December 16, 2017

Alisson in Ecuador

in Ecuador

March 8, 2009

We began sponsoring Alisson in March of 2017 and so far have received 11 letters. She lives with her mother, Kerly, and her father, Byron (who is often gone working). Her siblings are Edisson, Joshue and Byron. At home she helps with child care, cleaning and running errands. They live in Manta, a coastal region of Ecuador. In one letter Alisson mentioned her father goes out to sea. 

  • food - chicken
  • color - fuscia
  • subject - math, science
  • hobby - reading, art
  • sport - soccer
  • brown skin, curly hair, brown eyes
  • learning about God's Words and likes to sing praises
  • learning to take shower, brush teeth and comb hair
  • likes to travel to Aunt's home in Montanita during school breaks
  • wants to be a doctor
  • wants to travel to Guayaquil
  • July 2018 - broken right hand
  • bought shoes and pants with $ we sent
  • July 2019 - dad is in jail
Lives in Manta - a coastal region of Ecuador

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