Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mwikali in Kenya

Mwikali in Kenya
May 30, 2006

Mwikali is one of my daughter's correspondent children. She has been writing letters to her since January 2015 and has received 24 letters so far. Sadly, the person who does the physical writing of the letters has handwriting that is very difficult for us to decipher, so we are missing out on much of what is being written.

She lives with her mom, dad, three siblings and grandparents. She attends KE 722 (Mbangwani AIC Church Child Development Center. At the project she learns how to operate a computer and plays soccer. She hopes to become a doctor someday.

  • color - red
  • food - chicken and chapati
  • story - birth of Jesus
  • verse - Psalm 63:7 and Psalm 73:23-26
  • subject - math
  • fruit - mango
  • sports - soccer and volleyball
Wants to be a teacher someday.    June 2018 - wants to be a doctor someday.

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