Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Joylyne in Kenya

Joylyne in Kenya
October 12, 2006

We began sponsoring Joylyne on October 11, 2012 as a birthday present for our youngest daughter. Joylyne and Kayleigh are birthday buddies and were born on the exact same day! I put the sponsorship under my daughter's name and she is solely responsible for writing letters to Joylyne. So far we have received 41 letters. 

Joylyne lives with her mom and siblings, Ronny and Mary. Her father passed away in 2015. They live in the western part of Kenya in a rural setting. The common language is Luu and the main religion is Christianity.

  • attends KE 808
  • learned to bathe daily
  • goes on Saturday

  • color - sunny yellow / red
  • subject - Christian Religious Education
  • food - fish
  • sport - soccer / netball
  • activity - singing
  • animal - cow

Miscellaneous information:
  • likes to wash utensils
  • wants to be a teacher
  • likes to play with friends, read and write
  • likes to play netball, football, running
  • gifts: suitcase, Kiswahili books, dress shoes, sheep
  • wants to play piano, likes playing drums
  • has a cat named Joy
  • fetches firewood
  • wants to live and work in America
  • mid 2017 - Grandma is sick
  • bought school bag and open shoes
  • has been able to see a plane

Almost all of Joylyne's letters to us have been fill in the blank....sometimes the answers are funny (like in this one).

It appears she likes to draw houses...

Dear Kayleigh,
How are you? I am writing to you this letter because you are my best friend. Thank you for the gift you sent to me. I used the money to buy school bag, school socks and a nice dress.     (March  2017)

I want to tell you that on the birth of Jesus I gave him my heart so that he can come in my heart. (Jan 2018) 

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