Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nadege in Burkina Faso

Nadege Wendnongma
Septemeber 25, 2007

We began sponsoring Nadege in December of 2012 after an acquaintance of mine traveled to Burkina Faso with Compassion. Her stories were heartbreaking and I learned that Burkina Faso was one of the worst when it came to countries oppressed by poverty. This friend had traveled extensively and yet had never seen anything like she encountered in Burkina Faso. I was moved to sponsor a child there, and little Nadege, in her pink Little Mermaid shirt captured my heart. 

During our sponsorship, we received 22 letters from Nadege. She lives in the community of Lan, which is located 170km from the capital city. She lives with her parents and siblings. Her home is 2km from the project, which she walks to each Thursday.

Nadege attends BF 508 Tchiobi at El-Shalom church. 


  • food - rice
  • color - yellow
  • pet - cow
  • activity - singing / playing dolls / washing dishes / hopscotch
  • verse - John 13:35 / James 1:5
  • Bible story - Zacchaeus

Miscellaneous info:
  • wants to be a teacher / nurse / doctor
  • likes histories in the Bible
  • aunt lives in Ghana
  • gets a 3 month break starting in July each year
  • received medical checkup at project in which she learned to sleep under a mosquito net at night to prevent malaria
  • received a vaccine for meningitis
  • wants to visit America
  • has cardiac problems
  • received following gifts: dress (3 times), candy, soap (3 times), spaghetti, shoes (2 times), pants, oil, biscuits, cookies
  • lives in the village
  • does laundry to help her mom
  • siblings are Asseta, Amidou, Saidou, Daouda and Mariam

She has told us a couple times that her parents are not "trusting in God" and don't want her attending the center. Another time she asked us to pray for her dad who "does not want me to go to church."
"I am doing well. I think he who dies in Jesus will live. But my parents do not trust in this. Pray for my parents so that they trust / come to Jesus and let me follow the program."

In August 2015 her mother wrote, 
"We are so glad to write you. How are you doing? How is your job and your work going? Thank you for all that you are doing for our daughter. We pray God to bless and protect you. We are so happy of you. This letter is wrote by Nadege's mom. Nadege says in the picture is her mom, her elder sister in green shirt, her two brothers and herself with the dress in yellow."

"I am doing well. I think he who dies in Jesus will live. But my parents do not trust in this. Pray for my parents so that they trust / come to Jesus and let me follow the program."
"Thank you for your letters that was talking of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I have learned a lot. Talking of the 10 commandments, we've had the chance to talk about them at the project. The aunty told us not to tell lies, steal, kill and many other things."

in December 2016 we received a letter stating that her father and uncles do not want her to attend the project anymore. She hides the fact that she goes and her mom has to sneak to church.  In February 2017, her letter stated that she is no longer allowed to attend the center because her father does not want her to be a Christian.

final letter from Nadege's project....May 2017
I am coming by this letter to share the news of your sponsored child Nadege. She is doing well and so are her family members. We also want to inform you that the child is leaving the program because it is no more interest to her parents. She is always absent without any valid reason. The porject leader visited her family many times about her frequent absence and the parents said that they should depart her from the program. We are very sorry to inform you about that. The project center and the family of Nadege thank you for all that you did. Thank you for your Bible verses, your gifts and your letters that allowed her to discover a lot of things about God's words...the fruits of the spirit, the ten commands and many other things. Thank you also for your prayers. We want to encourage you to still support the project by your prayers and also to sponsor another child. 
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