Monday, July 11, 2016

Nabuduwa Esther in Uganda

Nabuduwa Esther
August 30, 2007

We began sponsoring Esther in January of 2014. Since then we have received 37 letters. I don't remember exactly how Esther's sponsorship came about, but I know I was drawn to her because of her name...One of my grandmother's was named Esther and I've always loved the name.

Esther's parents are very young and she has a younger sister, Mary. In another letter she reports that she has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. She attends UG 836 Buyobo CDC and goes to the project 3 times a week. She enjoys the project and church programs very much.

  • subject - English
  • food - rice and beef
  • color - yellow
  • game - jumping rope / hide and seek / skipping
  • Bible story - Zacchaeus
  • animal - cow
  • holiday - Christmas
  • sport - dodge ball / running

Miscellaneous info:
  • wants to visit Kampala to see tall buildings and cars
  • staple foods - plantain and cassava
  • bought 3 hens, coat, plants and shoes with a gift we sent
  • bought dress, open shoes, hen and food stuff another time
  • wants to be a teacher
  • likes to make music by dancing and clapping
  • wants to learn how to drum
  • likes to draw and sing Sunday school songs
  • home is made of mud and poles with a sheet metal roof. There are 4 rooms and 7 people who live there.
  • has a goat, hen and pig
  • used $ we sent to buy a pig, rice, meat, clothes and soda
  • Nov 2018 - bought 4 hens with money we sent
  • Sept 2019 - bought dress, hen and food with $ we sent
  • Feb 2020 - bought 2 hens, clothes, maize and food
  • learned about trade and migration in project

The drawing of the house is what Esther imagines she'll someday be able to build.

"I am happy for the continuous message about the 10 commandments."
"I confess that I am a child of the Father and I have accepted Jesus as the Truth." - March 2017 
"My life has changed from bad to good since joining Compassion." - July 2017 
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