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Kendry in Nicaragua

Kendry in Nicaragua
June 21, 2003

I sponsored Kendry in November 2014 after finalizing my plans to travel to Nicaragua in January 2015. I asked for a child at NI 111 - the same project I would be visiting  - and Kendry had been waiting for a sponsor for a year. He had a sponsor before me, but that sponsor never wrote letters and then ended up terminating the sponsorship. When I met Kendry I told him he would never have to worry about getting letters from me. I told him I would write so much that he might actually get sick of getting letters from me - and he smiled a big smile in return.

So far we have received 28 letters from Kendry, but the best part of this sponsorship is that I basically started it by meeting him in person. What a joy and privilege it was to meet his mom and visit his home. Something got messed up in my communication about who I wanted to meet while visiting NI 111 and Kendry was not informed I was coming. Thankfully Compassion staff were able to find him at home and bring him to the project to meet me, and it also worked out for us to visit his home.

You can read more about my visit from the following posts:

Kendry lives at home with his mother and siblings. He lives outside the city of Managua and attends NI 111 - Mirra Olor Fragante. 

  • subject - math
  • food - mixed rice / fried chicken and tostones
  • color - red
  • animal - dog
  • Bible character - Moses / Jesus
  • Bible verse - James 1:2-3 / Romans 5:8
  • sport - soccer
  • accepted Christ as personal savior on October 27, 2014 at the Compassion project
  • receives school supplies through project
  • gifts: short, shirt and socks
  • attending barber course at the project
  • learning to read the Bible and memorize it
  • attends project on Fridays
  • bought flip flops, shoes, school supplies
  • wants to learn industrial engineering in college
  • March 2021 - will start college soon and wants to study medicine

"I want to tell you that I already accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as the savior of my life. I'm happy and joyful. I accepted Him on October 27, 2014. It was a great blessing for me."
With Kendry's mom, sister and niece (I look like a giant in this photo!)

After visiting Kendry's home, I asked his mom what the family needed most. She said they would love to build an extra room and improve their home. I also learned that at 12 years old, Kendry was still sharing a bed with his sister. We were able to send a family gift for building supplies and I also requested that they use the money to buy a bed so Kendry would have his own. These are the photos we received...Kendry with all the different building supplies and sitting on his own bed!

"I say thanks a lot to you because you are my sponsors. I say thanks for the money you sent to me; it was such a blessing for me and my family. We are happy and thankful with you. I bought a bed and construction materials."
"I feel happy attending the project, I am learning about the word of God every day. I am memorizing Bible texts. I lead devotionals. The project is such a blessing for me."

In June of 2016 we learned that his father had a heart attack and passed away at the end of January. In a letter we received in April 2017, Kendry told us they are overcoming the death of his father step by step.

In March 2017, Kendry wrote to us that his niece, Britany, is also in the Compassion project.

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