Thursday, February 12, 2015

Meeting Kendry

Because of my trip to Nicaragua, I sponsored another child at the same project as Josseling. When I saw this little boy's photo, his smile stole my heart. And when I saw his smile in person, it melted my heart. 

Kendry is a small, but mighty 11 year old. He is full of life and joy and didn't stop smiling all day. He had no idea we were coming to meet him. In fact, although I had received one letter from him, he had not yet received any letters from me so he didn't know anything about me or my family. Shortly after he was told his sponsor was there to meet him, we visited his home and met his mother, Norma, and sister, Nataly. I don't remember much about the front of their home and I didn't get a photo of it. I do know his mother mentioned needing a new roof so I snapped a photo of it. 

It's a very humble home pieced together with various building materials, dirt floor and sheets hanging as doors. 

We noticed this bike in the home and Kendry confirmed it was his - given to him through the Compassion program.  I asked Kendry if he had a sponsor prior to me and he did. I told him I wouldn't drop him - he was stuck with me until he graduated. He smiled his big, contagious smile. Then I told him that I really like to write letters and I would write to him every month - he'd probably get tired of hearing from me. Another big smile. I finally told him that if he didn't believe me he could just ask Josseling because she'd been getting letters from me for 12 years. That made her smile and she said she never got tired of my letters. 

Nataly, Norma and Norma's granddaughter (I don't remember her name)

The whole Compassion day seems like a blur and I can't help but be frustrated about all the questions I didn't ask or all the photos I didn't take. I guess that means I'll have to go back someday!

I am so thrilled to have this little boy in my life, and can't wait to build a better relationship with him through letters.
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