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Jazmin in Peru

Alejandrina Jazmin
May 30, 2000

We first began corresponding with Jazmin in June of 2010. I was headed to Peru on an advocate tour and the boy we were corresponding with suddenly left the program. I was so disappointed because now I had no child to meet on sponsor day. After a call to Compassion, they quickly connect me to Jazmin and we started our correspondence. I received two letters before meeting her, but she had not yet received any of my letters. In 2013 we made the transition to being her sponsor. So far we have received 51 letters from her, and I've had the wonderful opportunity of meeting her.

Jazmin lives in the northern, coastal region of Peru and attends PE 374 - Sonrisas Felices

Jazmin is the oldest of three children. She has a younger sister, Lucero and younger brother, Josue. Her parents are Rafael and Diana (my mom's name is Diana, so naturally I love this connection).


  • color - pink / sky blue
  • food - duck with spaghetti and spinach sauce / noodles with chicken
  • activities - playing and dancing
  • Bible verse - Mark 12:30-31 / Mark 16:15
  • subject - math
  • book of Bible - Proverbs

At project:
  • learning to make earrings, bracelets and chains
  • learning crafts in workshop (embroidering tablecloths)
  • learning to make flower pots out of cardboard
  • taking dance lessons at school
  • likes to read
  • helps clean at home and do dishes
  • puts lost teeth inside the mouse cave.
  • sister also attends Compassion project
  • house made of sun-dried bricks
  • dog named Pelusa / dog named Roki / dog named Muneca / dog named Basther
  • sleeps with mosquito net
  • doesn't know how to swim
  • bought blouse and shorts with gift , bought siblings clothes with gift (see photo below)
  • celebrates Independence day on July 28
  • goes to Nazarene Church
  • had surgery to remove lipoma from armpit (2016)
  • Dec 2016 - mom might be pregnant - wants a baby brother
  • February 2017 - passing to 4th grade. Excited, but also sad because she won't be coming to the center as much and won't get to see her friends.
  • May 2017 - finished high school - wants to study Industrial engineering
  • used $ to buy pants, pants for sister, shoes from brother and sandals for mom
  • used $ to buy pants, underwear and sweets
  • brings friends to church so they can know God

"I want to thank you for giving me the chance to get to know you face to face and visit Lima. I thank you for the gifts you gave me such as the Bible, which is the best gift I could have ever received. I want to tell you that I had a very good time them. I have gone to places which are not in the place where I live. I had lots of fun. To tell you the truth, I am very happy to get to know you. "

"Please pray for my dad so that he will know the Lord Jesus." 
"I'll close with many kisses."    "I'll say goodbye with kisses / hugs."

In August of 2010 I traveled to Peru and met Jazmin, her mom and her younger brother. I remember being so nervous about meeting her, and then being so confused when the Compassion staff introduced me to Jazmin. You see, I was expecting to meet a girl named Alejandrina....I smiled and then told the Compassion staff that there must be some mistake because my girl was Alejandrina, not Jazmin. Well, she goes by her middle name. I love it because my violin's name is Jasmine (and has been for over 20 years!).

This was the very first time I had ever met one of my Compassion kids and I was so amazed that she and her mom traveled 23 hours by bus and car to meet someone they hadn't even gotten a letter from yet. And she brought me so many gifts she had made. It was just precious. We had such a fun day together. I was also spending the day with David, my LDP correspondent, and he did a great job including Jazmin in our conversations and games.

we played a lot of frisbee that day!

I've written a couple posts about Jazmin and you can read those by clicking the links below:

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