Monday, February 8, 2016

Filling Buckets

This morning my girls and I were reading from the devotional He Walks Among Us by Richard and Renee Stearns (CEO of World Vision.).

This particular reading was about changing our perspective on how we view poverty and our contribution towards making a difference. It leant itself well to an hands on demonstration, and so we gathered the necessary supplies.

We can view poverty as one big problem - one big bucket that needs to be filled OR we can view the individuals living in poverty as tiny buckets that need to be filled.

I gave each girl a glass of water (not big by any means) to represent the resources God has given them.

When they poured their water into the large bucket, it hardly made a difference. It would take a lot of water to fill this bucket. Much more than the one cup they were given.

Then I let each girl use their water to fill the three smaller buckets - representing children we sponsor through Compassion. 

Each girl was able to fill each smaller bucket to the top, and they had water left over. 

I love how easy this demonstration was. And although I'm not one who usually takes the time to do things like this, I think it made a lasting impression on each of us. I also really like the visual of pouring ourselves out to do the work God has equipped us to do.
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