Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Compassion Sunday

The first Sunday of June has become the annual date of Compassion Sunday at my church. We have the amazing honor and privilege of our pastor's blessing to use the entire service to present the ministry of Compassion. 

In past years we've had friends and fellow sponsors share their experiences, shared about our trips and meeting our children, and this year we had the special honor of welcoming Gilbert Mfitundinda to share his story with us.

Gilbert is currently one of Compassion's fellows and is also available to share his story around the country as one of Compassion's speakers this year. He is the youngest of 8 children and grew up in Uganda. At age 7 he was registered into Compassion's program through his local church. He shared with us that his family was "so poor, even the poor people called us poor". When he was 14 he gave his life to Christ, and that same year his father passed away from a severe asthma attack. His sponsor was a great source of encouragement and comfort to him during this time.

Gilbert had three sponsors during his time in Compassion, and all three were good letter writers. He brought several letters and photos with him and it was so encouraging to me to read those letters.

In addition to our morning service, we held an evening event.

We had some activities for kids, which I found on Compassion's Explorer page.

It's ALWAYS an encouragement to meet the young men and women who have been the recipients of Compassion's ministry. I loved how Gilbert kept saying his life was transformed because of "a caring person just like you". We saw 16 new children sponsored as a result of our efforts on Sunday, and while it's not a huge number, I know there is more happening that we can't see. Sponsor development is also an important part of sponsorship, and I know a lot of this took place as a result of conversations people had with Gilbert.

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