Monday, May 11, 2015

Compassion ABCs: S is for

S is for...

Sri Lanka

Compassion's work in Sri Lanka began in 2010, with local churches reaching out to more than 1,000 babies and their mothers through partnership with Compassion's Child Survival Program. The Child Sponsorship Program was then started in January 2012. Currently, more than 7,500 registered children participate in more than 60 child development centers.

Children are busy with school during the week so they meet at the child development center on Saturdays and holidays. If the children come to the center during lunchtime, they receive lunch, which consists of rice, meat or fish, vegetables and fruit. The children also get biscuits and milk and, on some days, fresh juice.
Typical extracurricular activities might include camps, sporting events, field trips and talent shows. Parent meetings are held so that parents can get to know what kind of activities are conducted at the center and to also build relationships among the parents and the teachers.

To learn more about Compassion's work in Sri Lanka and see children waiting to be sponsored, go HERE

S is also for....

my mom and her sponsored child, Maria in Nicaragua

Sponsorship is the heart of Compassion's ministry. When you sponsor a child through Compassion, you are linked to a certain child - it is a one on one relationship. By giving monthly support to Compassion, you become a partner in releasing children from poverty in the name of Jesus through Compassion's strategic holistic, child development model. But more than that, as a sponsor, you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with your sponsored child - through prayers, letters and even visits. 

all information for this post was taken from Compassion's website
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